A.I Article Collective Curation Project

🎈 I need your help, let's build the best real-time directy of A.I. links to articles, papers, tools, etc...

A.I Article Collective Curation Project

🎈 I need your help, let's build the best real-time directy of A.I. links to articles, papers, tools, etc...

Hey Everyone,

As I cover the best stories from around the web at the intersection of A.I with society, business, technology and politics, I struggle to find the very best content on a daily basis.

When I cannot find the information I want online, my first instinct is to try to build it myself.

💯 To this end I’ve started a Reddit community whose primary goal is to cover A.I. links to articles across a broad spectrum of labeled topics. On Reddit they are called “Flairs”. 

🙇 But I’m just one person, if you are an A.I. enthusiast I’m calling out to you (if like a quiet whisper) to help me curate some of the best articles you find on a weekly basis.

🙏 I have been hesitant to build “community” due to my lack of time to maintain it with my multiple Newsletters. But I think curating thought leadership together is perhaps the most educational activity we could do together, if that interests you?

🥺 But I cannot do it alone. I’d quickly burnout if it were just me trying to grow the best place on the internet to find links to A.I. articles. So far, these are the flairs I have included in this small secret niche:

  • If you are a Substack or beehiiv writer on A.I., you can also share your work, we have a flair topic for Newsletter posts.

  • If you have a particular interest in A.I. from a single angle of research or academic interest, you could share articles on that topic. You can always REPLY to my Emails to request a flair that corresponds to your interest.

  • But a Reddit community is only as good as its volunteers, advocates, builders and the quality of the discussions that emerge over time.

My Flairs so far Include

  • If you have a particular interest in one of these topics, perhaps you’d like to share articles that topic? If you want to be an approved user, REPLY to this Email and tell me your Reddit ID.

  • On the Reddit, you can click on the Flair topic on the right hand margins to find more articles on that particular TOPIC.

  • 🤞🏻 If I get more volunteers to help, over time we could be one of the best “Subreddits” on A.I. and related emerging tech coverage. I’m very passionate about enabling more education on my niche topics.

On Desktop the flairs summar will look like this:

Here let me link them for you, this is a brand new subreddit and I’m building more topics into the community as we speak.

I need help especially from experts or enthusiasts in sharing:

  • A.I. Tools.

  • A.I. papers and research.

  • A.I. educational content.

I have the mind of a Librarian so if you think this sort of labeling is useful for discovery for the general public at large, perhaps you’d like to contribute? It could result in educational outcomes that is the sort of project that I personally believe in.

Links to Flair Topics

Over time my hope is that I could include more specific emerging tech and datascience links to articles. Including article links to data engineering, synthetic biology, space-technology, genomics and other applications of A.I. like Quantum machine learning and so forth.

So it’s up to all of you if such a project can get off the ground. If nobody contributes my efforts will lead to nothing very quickly. Even if just a few of you my readers shares a couple of articles a week, it would give me the motivation to keep going.

How-To Add a Link to the Reddit

Once you have a Reddit account, go to my Reddit and click on “Create Post”

  • Then click on Link, the third icon at the top.

  • Then all you have to do is copy the URL of the article into the URL bar as seen below:

  • Then usually Reddit automatically generates the “Title”.

  • Then you click on "Post” in the bottom right in red that will look like this:

That’s it, you are done. If you aren’t into Reddit, that’s totally fine. But you may want to download the app and follow the Subreddit, if my work interests you and you want to keep it going.

❤️ Please help me currate links to articles so many of us don’t have to fish though Newsletters or follow algorithmic feeds online just to get served some current news in A.I. and related fields.

Curation with human feedback all in one place would be so much more valuable.

Ideas on How Else to Contribute:

  • Creating Polls

  • Creating Discussion Threads

  • Asking Questions

  • A post does not have to be a link to an article.

  • Sharing A.I. tools.

  • Sharing your articles on these topics online.

  • Sharing the Reddit with others you may know who may want to visit it sometimes.

I believe if we are successful, over time this could result into something positive in our interest in artificial intelligence and it’s related domains that could improve how well we are all able to keep up with the research, hype and progress.