ChatGPT and the Cult of A.I.

Tools and utilities of ChatGPT and Listicles of Top Tweets

ChatGPT and the Cult of A.I.

Hey Guys,

Come follow me on Post News. As we get closer to GPT-4, GPT-3.5 is showing its moves.

A.I. Hype is reaching a precarious pitch in December, 2022.

#ChatGPT heralds a wave of enthusiasm over Conversational A.I.

If misinformation travels fast, how fast does hype travel on today's internet?

The Microsoft backed startup OpenAI has set off an unbridled stream of over-optimism about what GPT-3.5 can accomplish.

Aaron Levie on Twitter: "We're entering an era of AI-first software, which has the potential to create supercycle of opportunity and disruption in software not seen since mobile and cloud. This will be fun. / Twitter"

Andrew Ng on Twitter: "I feel lucky to be alive when technological marvels are invented every week. The rapid progress makes life more fun! / Twitter"

The Internet Thinks A.I. is Real

It's not just dozens of posts like this, it's thousands. Nearly as if Silicon Valley decided 1 million users on the #ChatGPT demo meant A.I. will live up to the hype in the 2020s.

The sad truth is Silicon Valley promises or hype (also that benefit its VC sector) rarely does live up to the promises or hype.

Let's just assume the limited demo by OpenAI is real, what tools would it launch?

🔥 The Revolutionary New Tool for Conversation and Text Generation

1. ChatGPT for Google Chrome Extension


2. A browser extension that augments your ChatGPT prompts with web results.


3. ChatGPT for Mac, living in your menubar.


4. 🔎 Neeva. evolutionising search with LLMs and an ad-free, privacy-first model. (not directly ChatGPT related)


Let’s continue with the 16 others that popped up in the last few days.

5. KrishnAI - a natural language interface built on top of GPT and an in-house context engine based on Puranas.


6. A curated list of awesome tools, demos, docs for ChatGPT and GPT-3.


7. Ben’s Bites 🛠️ Cool Tools - Newsletter (best way to follow future ChatGPT tools)


8. ChatGPT for PC Mac or Windows


9. ShowGPT - A collection of ChatGPT prompts.


10. Perplexity - GPT web search.


11. ShareGPT - Share your wildest ChatGPT conversations with one click.


12. ChatGPT Advanced – a chrome extension that lets you augment your prompts to ChatGPT with results from the web.


13. A Chrome Extension to summarise blogs and articles using ChatGPT.


14. Scan a website and create a GPT3 bot from it.


15. CodePal - CodePal is a command line tool with a chat interface that helps developers write code.


16. AskAlfred is a chrome extension that gives you GPT’s second opinion alongside your google searches.


17. ChatGPT Google. Chrome Extension that Integrates ChatGPT (Unofficial) into Google Search.


18. Ferrucc - Let GPT-3 answer questions using Google for you.


19. A ChatGPT Telegram Bot which can also draw using Stable Diffusion/DALLE.


20. Web GPT-Mini. GPT-powered chatbot that can search Google, built on Replit.


There are literally so many others, many released each day. I think over time it will be easier to find them.

Tools and Resources:

Source: via GitHub here.

GPT General Resources

ChatGPT Community / Discussion

API tools

Chrome Extensions

Access ChatGPT from other platforms

CLI tools

TOP TWEETS on ChatGPT of All-time (so far)


Wynter is an incredible B2B message testing platform. It's the fastest way to get feedback from your target customers and learn how your messaging is resonating with them. They are looking for professionals to help them do this even better.

Get paid for your feedback, join Wynter's B2B Research Panel

Wynter is looking for people to join its research panel. Participate in B2B market research studies, get paid for your feedback and comments ($15-$100 per 5-15min). Super low time commitment.

These are pretty long listicles of Tweets on #ChatGPT.

⚗️GPTChat is Going Viral

Here are some other Articles you might find interesting:

I've never read so many A.I. articles as I have about ChatGPT or seen so many Tweets or LinkedIn posts about a single topic in A.I. that generated so much hype and misinformation if I am to be honest.

It's as if public relations has become a form of mass collective delusion. Everyone is seriously entertaining what this flawed demo will do to society:

Everyone from lawyers to coders are talking about #ChatGPT as if it will disrupt them.

Not to mention automating annoying work tasks:

Then there's this particularly insincere talk about how it will disrupt Google.

People are making generalizations about how A.I. will transform their entire industries as if overnight.

OpenAI will have to make a special kind of "watermark" to protect from abuse, but can it generalize to all the potential use cases?

In the second week of the demo, there is also hype about the hype:

ChatGPT is not a product, it's not even trained on real-time web data, it's not crawling the web, it's not the next TikTok. It's a curiosity stuck sometime in 2021. It likes to apologize to pretend it's a good citizen. It's a commercial test for OpenAI to get more funding from Microsoft, in order to release GPT-4.

But the profiteers will run on the hype:

Because that's what internet gangsters do, all Ads and profiteering.

All supposedly the next "disruptive technology":

All mostly cult-of-AI whoring that the corporations who push "A.I. for Good" love to hear.

But fuck Elon Musk and the ghost in the machine and this Transhumanistic bullshit.

An internet so full of free speech and propaganda, it makes your ears ring.

Even Engineers thinking ChatGPT can save them time:

Humanity is heading straight to the ship of Monopoly Capitalism and Surveillance Capitalism like they are embracing the mother-ship.

But have TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn become nothing more than echo chambers manipulated by powerful big actors?

Why do you suppose we are all migrating off Twitter and going to places like Post News?

Because, we can sense something is just a bit off in all of this in 2022.

A.I. is not going to save us from inflation, Covid-19, social unrest and geopolitical conflict and competition. The internet is no longer the grand experiment of an escape it once was. It has caused in 30 years, serious damage to society and our mental health.

Just don't tell Microsoft, Google, Amazon or Meta that. They don't want to hear it.

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