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"An A.I. Rundown for professionals"

Issue #2, June 1st, 2023.

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💬Introduction for Today🎯

This week was dominated by more design announcements in A.I. with Adobe and Nvidia among them.

📢Top News 📺

  • Nvidia launches Neuralangelo [​link​]

  • Microsoft Teams on Windows 11 gets Discord-like communities and an AI art tool [​link​]

  • Google launches its generative AI search [The Decoder,​ link]​

  • Improving mathematical reasoning with process supervision [OpenAI, ​link]​

  • Character.AI, the a16z-backed chatbot startup, tops 1.7M installs in first week [​link​]

  • Stability AI Releases StableStudio: An Open Source Design Suite For Generative AI [​link​]

  • Snap (Snapchat) wants its AI to reply to you with Snaps [​link​]

  • Microsoft announces Intelligent meeting recap in Teams Premium [​link​]

  • Falcon - Technology Innovation Institute Open-Sourced Falcon LLMs: A New AI Model That Uses Only 75 Percent of GPT-3’s Training Compute, 40 Percent of Chinchilla’s, and 80 Percent of PaLM-62B’s [​link​]

Products & Announcements🏭

CrowdStrike introduced a generative AI assistant called Charlotte AI to help customers assess cybersecurity vulnerabilities. [​link​]

Instacart launches new in-app AI search tool powered by ChatGPT [​link​]

Asana Unveils Generative A.I. Features [​link​]

Arm released two products — one GPU and one CPU — to support the performance of AI apps on smartphones. [​link​]

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State of GPT, with Andrej Karpathy [​link​]

Palantir CEO: Not Sure We Should Sell Our AI to Some Clients

Alex Karp is super ​entertaining​.

⚒️Novel Tools🔥

Paige - Rewrite your web presence in a page generated in 30 seconds. [​link​]

Any Summary - Enables users to quickly and accurately summarize various types of files, such as documents, interview audio or video files. [​link​]

Fina - Financial tracking and analysis tool that lets you create custom calculations or predictions. Connect your bank and crypto accounts and use a notion-style interface to organise your finances. [​link​] - An AI-driven checklist management tool designed to help organizations get things done right every time. [​link​]

Gamma - A new medium for presenting ideas. Powered by AI. [​link​] Let AI finish your presentation for you, shape your content, add visuals, and even rewrite sections for you.

Fathom - This tool records, transcribes, highlights and summarizes your meetings so you can focus on the conversations. [​link​]

Mason - Meet mason - your AI Shopping Copilot! Goodbye lackluster sales, hello shoppers. [​link​]

Stork - AI-based collaboration for hybrid teams. [​link​]

📝 Papers 🗏

Landmark Attention: Random-Access Infinite Context Length for Transformers [​link​]

Direct Preference Optimization: Your Language Model is Secretly a Reward Model [​link​]

Discovering New Interpretable Conservation Laws as Sparse Invariants [​link​]

Improving accuracy of GPT-3/4 results on biomedical data using a retrieval-augmented language model [​link​]

📰Noted Newsletters📬

30% Lifetime Discount on A.I. Supremacy [​Link​]

Last Week in AI #221 [​link​]

🔥 Top A.I. Newsletters of 2023 🧠🐱‍💻🤖🚗🚀 [​link​]

🤖 Robotics 🦿

Just another Humanoid robot that can write poems [​link​]

💬Large Language Models (LLMs)👅

MIT researchers develop self-learning language models that outperform larger counterparts [​link​]

A PhD Student's Perspective on Research in NLP in the Era of Very Large Language Models [​link​]


AI integrated into children’s healthcare at hospital [​link​]

🧪 Science 🔬

How artificial intelligence is creeping into work routines [​link​]

Minecraft bot Voyager programs itself using GPT-4 [​link​]

💰Stock Market 🛒

ChatGPT sparks media frenzy similar to Bitcoin in 2021 [​link​]

Nvidia became a $1 trillion company thanks to the AI boom [​link​]

🚀 Startups 🧠

OpenAI’s plans according to Sam Altman [​link​]

🎓 Education & Learning📚

All-In-One Guide For Midjourney: The Art Of Prompts [​link​]

What is Gorilla? [​link​]

Macaw-LLM is an exploratory endeavor that pioneers multi-modal language modeling by seamlessly combining image, video, audio, and text data, built upon the foundations of CLIP, Whisper, and LLaMA. [Github ​link​]

🎥Videos & Podcasts🎙️

Last week in A.I. [Podcast, ​link​]

🎖️National Defense & Military🕊️

Military drones are swarming the skies of Ukraine and other conflict hot spots – and anything goes when it comes to international law [The Conversation, ​Link​)

South Korea’s Naver to target foreign governments with latest ChatGPT-like AI model [​link​]

🔮Future of Work & Automation🦾

Banking giant JPMorgan advertised more than 3,600 AI-related jobs, report says, as Wall Street starts to embrace the revolutionary tech [​link​]

The “death of self-driving cars” has been greatly exaggerated [​link​]

💸Venture Capital🦄

Baidu’s $145M AI fund signals China’s push for AI self-reliance [​link​]

China AI startup MiniMax raising over $250 million from Tencent-backed entity, others [​link​]

German AI startup Nyonic aims to build generative AI for Europe [​link​]

VC Giants Accel, Sequoia Scour Portfolio Startups for AI Risk [​link​]

London-based Hypervision Surgical raises €7.5 million to redefine surgical imaging with AI and clinical edge computing [​link​]

🐲 China A.I.🏯

Concerns are growing over China’s AI rules [​link​]

Alibaba begins rollout of its ChatGPT-style tech as China A.I. race heats up (​link​)

China Telecom Invests $434 Million (US) to Create China Telecom Quantum Information Technology Group (​link​)

🦹🏻‍♂️Dystopian 🗽

Creeping toward dystopia [​link​]

AI copyright far from settled as Japan and Israel stake out early positions [The Decoder, ​link​]

Japan Goes All In: Copyright Doesn’t Apply To AI Training [​link​]

🏛Governance and Regulation⚖️

Statement on A.I. Risk [​link]​

AI Everywhere, All at Once [​link​]

Is Avoiding Extinction from AI Really an Urgent Priority? [​link​]

💬Opinion Editorial🙄

The White House agrees you have a small brain [​link​]

AI Is Not an Arms Race [​link​]

We are an auto-immune disease [​link​]

📊Studies &Infographics 📏

A Pew study found that 58% of US adults are familiar with ChatGPT, and 14% have used ChatGPT. [​link​]

🌏Manifestations of Utopia🏙️

Harnessing AI's Potential to Improve Equity [​link​]

🌌Quantum Computing⚗️

China Unveils New Quantum Computing Cloud Platform [​link​]

🙉Last Memes🎭

No great memes this week. Just kidding.

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