The Generative A.I. Brief Issue #9

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💬Introduction for Today🎯

The tone of the week was OpenAI on the decline and Apple and x.AI on the hype incline. Not a very eventful week, but some important funding rounds. Also the ​future of media​ does ​not look good​.

"The goal of xAI is to understand the true nature of the universe. We will share more information over the next couple of weeks and months." - Elon Musk

Startup Cerebras Takes on Nvidia ​With AI Supercomputers​

​"AI is good for you" by Eric Jang​ - A book about the last 10 years and the next 10 years of artificial intelligence. [ ​Buy It​ - Amazon link ]

📢Top News 📺

Meta - Llama 2: open source, ​free for research and commercial use​ (Official)

Microsoft - Furthering our AI ambitions – ​Announcing Bing Chat Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Copilot pricing​ (Official)

🔗Partnership & Announcements🏭

Stability A.I. - Meet FreeWilly, Our Large And Mighty Instruction Fine-Tuned Models (Official)

MosaicML launches MPT-7B-8K, a 7B-parameter open-source LLM with 8k context length

Scale AI is releasing its ​Scale LLM Engine to fine-tune​ open-source models


Yuval Noah Harari: Human Nature, Intelligence, Power, and Conspiracies | Lex Fridman Podcast [link] #390

The Most Likely Outcomes of an AI Future with Emad Mostaque Ep #55 [link]

The Godfather in Conversation: Why Geoffrey Hinton is worried about the future of AI [link]

⚒️Novel Tools🔥

I omitted all minor A.I. tools in this issue. But if you like prompt-engineering basics, here's a ​nice beginner's guide​.

👾Hacker News📰

🗳️ Weekly Poll 📊

Regarding ChatGPT, GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 degradation of quality (​controversial​).

📝 Papers 🗏

​Scaling Autoregressive Multi-Modal Models​: Pretraining and Instruction Tuning (CM3Leon)

​FlashAttention-2:​ Faster Attention with Better Parallelism and Work Partitioning

Can LLMs Generate Random Numbers? ​Evaluating LLM Sampling in Controlled Domains​

📰Noted Newsletters📬

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🤖 Robotics 🦿

Intel Capital backs Figure’s Humanoid robot ​to the tune of $9 million​


Preparation over panic: How a Boston hospital is priming medical residents for an era of AI medicine

Meet CancerGPT: An AI That Predicts the Results of Cancer Treatment Research

🧪 Science 🔬

Meta and Azure: The AI wars might have ​an armistice deal sooner than expected​

💰Stock Market & Investing🛒

This 'gamechanger' technology is harder than rocket science ​and will drive the next AI wave​

Apple just added ​$71 billion in market value​ on news it's developing an 'Apple GPT' AI

So, that's the end of OpenAI's ChatGPT moat? Open-Source Llama-2 might be it

Critical chip firm ASML, caught in China export restrictions, posts 38% rise in profit

🚀 Startups 🧠

Cognaize raises $18M to ​build a better LLM for the finance sector​, one that keeps humans in the loop

Tractable ​snaps up $65M led by SoftBank​ for car and property damage appraisals using AI

CarePredict Receives $29M in Series A-3 Funding. Combining artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and wearable devices.

💀AGI and ASI 👽🌋

​AI just wrote a bill ​to regulate itself

🎓 Education & Learning📚

Weeknotes: ​Self-hosted language models with LLM plugins​, a new Datasette tutorial, a dozen package releases, a dozen TILs

🎥Videos & Podcasts🎙️

State of GPT [link, replay]

AI Beyond OpenAI - ChinaTalk [link]

🎖️National Defense & Military🕊️

Failed to upload terminators.

🔮Future of Work & Automation🦾

AI will replace ​outsourced coders in India in 2 years​, Stability AI CEO says

​Google's Genesis project seeks​ to be journalists' AI-powered personal assistant

💸Venture Capital🦄

Conviction Embed - An ​accelerator for AI-native startups​ with a $150k grant and $400k+ in credits

Nvidia ​Accelerates AI Startup Investments, Nears Deal​ With Cloud Provider Lambda Labs

🐲 China A.I.🏯

China’s OpenAI challenger ​Zhipu AI gets Meituan funding​

​How Does China’s Approach ​To AI Regulation Differ From The US And EU?

🦹🏻‍♂️Dystopian 🗽

🏛Governance and Regulation⚖️

OpenAI loses its trust and safety leader

Exec tells first UN council meeting ​that big tech can’t be trusted to guarantee AI safety​ (Anthropic's Jack Clark)

AI Leaders Set to Accede to White House Demand ​for Safeguards​

​The $1 billion gamble to ensure​ AI doesn’t destroy humanity (Anthropic related)

💬Opinion Editorial🙄

How to Use AI to Do Stuff: ​An Opinionated Guide​

​I have zero respect for news​ and media organizations accepting money from OpenAI

🎭Entertainment & the Arts🎨

​Actors vs. AI:​ Strike brings focus to emerging use of advanced tech

People are making money ​pretending to be AI on TikTok.​ It's both confusing and fascinating. (laughs)

📊Infographics 📏

🌏Manifestations of Utopia🏙️

🌌Quantum Computing⚗️

📣Public Relations💞

🙉Last Memes🎭

NYC subway using AI to track fare evasion

The end is near.