Top Reactions to OpenAI's Really Bad Week

Sam Altman is ready to drive AGI product in spite of risks

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So here at Machine Learning Times, we are going to be mixing it up a little. This Newsletter will be focusing primarily on Breaking News and how AI is developing at major companies like OpenAI, Google, Nvidia, Microsoft and others. We will also deal with startup AI news to some extent. We will typically publish at 7am or 7pm EST.

I wanted to take a timeout and wish you a great Thanksgiving and here are some of the easy ways to help you contextualize what’s going on at OpenAI.

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This Newsletter hopes to bring tangible news on the corporate side of Generative A.I. at major companies.

Altman's back, and OpenAI's board has drastically changed.

Let’s give it some time at OpenAI to fully realize what has changed and what has stayed the same.

It’s been more publicity for OpenAI but not a very high quality kind of attention. This clearly would harm the trust of customers. ChatGPT outages recently have been notable.

GPT-5 better be good because ChatGPT isn’t growing as fast as it was earlier this year in 2023.

It’s time for OpenAI to Thrive, quite literally. Before it doesn’t any longer. OpenAI had been in discussions, led by Thrive, to possibly sell employee shares in a move that would have boosted the company’s valuation from $29 billion to somewhere between $80 billion and $90 billion. That according to The Information, appears to be back in play.

OpenAI clearly needs a lot more funding, so expect it early in 2024.

What is coming in 2024?

Google will have to drop Gemini sooner rather than later, with all of their delays and Bard setting the bar pretty low.

Since GPT-5 will boost Microsoft’s prospects even more significantly boosting Azure’s growth in all likelihood.

Amazon, Meta and China will need to move quickly to keep up. Google officially backing Character . AI could be a game-changer as well.

Llama-3 by Meta is rumored to be coming in early 2024 as well.

At a certain point the momentum of AI improving itself will accelerate and nothing will be able to stop it, we are quickly approaching that point.

I call it Singularity nascence. OpenAI that likely won’t exist for very long, might even be the catalyst for this event due to the funding it will be able to raise in the 2020s.

middle-finger emojis and the battle royale, the OpenAI Board now looks like a dummy spawn for Venture Capital ambitions

I recommend you check out some of the Newsletters (at the beginning of this Newsletter) about this last week of OpenAI, some of those are decent reading.

Some of the board members and Sutskever sounded worked up, but Sam has a job to do. He needs to download Microsoft into his Avatarhood.

OpenAI will reportedly retain its structure, with investors’ profits capped and the board free to make decisions that aren’t revenue-driven. Having the co-founders on the Board was never a bright idea.

But make no mistake, this is Satya Nadella’s research lab and product innovator now.

The show must go on.